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T.A Timms & Son

Fine Bespoke Violin Cases handmade in Buckinghamshire, England.


 Everything we make here is dedicated to the memory of our dear much missed friend and teacher M.A. Gordge.


Quick examples of the Case Models we now offer, each having its own dedicated section below.


English Model

See dedicated page below for details

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Leather Cases

See dedicated page below for details


See dedicated page below for details

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NEW Dart Case

Please see dedicated page below for details

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Bespoke Viola Cases

No longer offered either as English Model Oblong or Dart

English Model

A Case we make to the recipe of our Tutor Mick Gordge, and a design that hardly needs introduction, used by professional players all over the globe offering a lifetime of protection and peace of mind. All English Model Case come with a three layer inner blanket, and a hand stitched leather shoulder-strap. Suspenson (fitted under the back velvet) is a 'no additional cost option).

Dart Case

New for 2022, The Dart Case offers a little more storage space than its predecessor at lower cost. A three layer matching velvet blanket, and hand-stitched leather shoulder strap come as standard. 'Back-pack' style carry facility is also an option.

Leather Cases

The Leather Cases are fully leather covered and feature the traditional 'weather-strip' to the lids. Also two of our hand made polished brass locks, rather larger than those fitted to other models.

These cases come complete with a loose fitting canvas cover, three layer inner blanket, and also an instrument shaped 'draw-string' silk coverall (all edges silk bound). N.B. Hygometer and Humidifier shown are optional additons on the oblong model.

1st leather dart int.JPG

Double Violin

The Double Case is base entirely upon the 'English Model'. The same length, and only 56mm wider that the English Model it is ideal for the Maker or Dealers alike. PLEASE BE AWARE The interior corner compartments which are shown in some of the photos are in truth quite useless apart for key storage so as from 2022 we'll no longer be fitting them!

This case comes complete with inner blanket, leather shoulder strap and full size music pocket. We don't offer suspension as an option on this model of case.

Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Case

All 25x Cases now sold thank you

To celebrate Twenty Five years of T.A. Timms & Son in 2021, we made 25x of these Limited edition Cases lined in Alcantara 'Suede' each of which were numbered, and carried the owners name. These are already collectors pieces - we really should have kept a few back for ourselves....

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IMG_1200 (003)_LI.jpg

Gordge Case Restoration.

We once more offer a limited number of restorations each year for Gordge Violin Cases (Violin Only). This is a full 'strip-back' to the bare wooden shell, any (very rare) shell damaged repaired, new leather-cloth, re-line in Furnishing grade 100% cotton velvet with matching blanket. Recover handle in leather, replace hinges, replace lock if required. Make and fit new canvas cover.

PLEASE NOTE: We understake full case restoration only, we do not supply replacement canvas cover only.


Colour Options

Exterior Canvas Colour Options are 'Brown/Sand' 'Olive' Black' 'Light Blue'.

Our standard velvet colours are 'Moss Green' 'Burgundy' 'Royal blue'. There are about 60x other colours available at additional cost for special order cases. All velvet's are of furnishing quality and 100% cotton so fully colour-fast whatever the climatic conditions.

Shell covering colours: Black, Tan or Deep Red.

Please e-mail us if you would like to see all available colours (Velvets / Canvas /Leathercloth coverings), and we'll send you a photo file of of all.


Ordering & Delivery


Our lead-in time is often 3/4 months as all our Cases are made to Customer Order only. Ninety eight percent of our Work goes outside of the UK or Europe, and we ask that before placing an order, Players make themselves fully aware of any duties which may be payable upon importation into their Country. Please note that where Importation charges are made, the Shipper has to make collection of such charges on behalf of Customs (e.g. it's not the shipper making the charge, they are simply collecting duties by demand of the Customs Authority involved) On no account will we provide false information in order to reduce Customs charges.


For delivery we use UPS who provide an excellent 'door to door' service and have served us well in the past. We can give an estimate of shipping charges out outset of order where requested.

Payment of our invoices can be made by Bank Transfer, or far less expensive in terms of transfer charges via who will facilitate card payment also.



Thank you for your kind interest in our work.

Desmond & Rachel.

Do come Visit (but by appointment only please). 

NEW HOURS Monday - Friday 10.00am - 4.00pm

Telephone: +44 (0)1908 696415 (During above hours only please)

e-mail :


T.A. Timms & Son is a small family business owned by Desmond & Rachel Timms, and named after Desmond's late Father.


Desmond's background was that of a failed Cellist, who somehow in the mid 70's managed to acquire a quite lovely Wife, and at the same time a ready-made family and mortgage all in one! Time to forget the Cello, and start working for a firm of Violin Dealers / Restorers in the West End of London.

During his years in London, Desmond came into contact with M.A. Gordge from whom then as a Director of the firm he bought Cases for the business. Desmond & Mick over some years became friends, and realising that Desmond had become very unhappy working in London where he was, Mick suggested that Desmond leave London and take up a position at M.A. Gordge (after a suitable period of time had elapsed so not to lose Case sales from Desmond's old firm). Hence a plan was hatched.

Mick Taught Desmond everything he today knows about Case Making, and we'll be forever in his debt. During the nine years at Gordge Desmond's first marriage had ended, and his life took a new course as he met and Married Rachel. Being quite penniless, Desmond decided to start his own business Making Cases, with Rachel undertaking any work that involved the use of a sewing needle. Needing revenue in order to live, the couple financed this by Desmond working for the first two years by day for a Software Company, and long into the night in a leaky shed in his back garden.

From a very shaky start indeed all those 26 years ago, T.A Timms & Son has thankfully blossomed into a successful business now run from a rather more palatial 'Global Hub' which boasts such luxuries as Insulation /Heat/ample lighting/and certificated electricity supply (It's even water-tight). All this possible we appreciate only by the patronage of Violinists and Violin Collectors around the World, many of whom have become close friends over the ensuing years.

Where as Rachel can be regarded very much in the Summer of her years, Desmond has taken the decision that rather than retire fully, he will reduce the number of Models offered concentrating on the 'English Model' 'Dart Case' 'Double Violin' and 'Leather Collectors Case', and reduce his working hours of the past 26 years of silly hours 6.5 days a week to, 35 hours five days per week in order to be in a position to spend at last some quality time (for once away from work) with his Beautiful Wife & Daughter. 


"Business should be fun (and ours certainly is), but it isn't a joke" we take our work very seriously, but ourselves..... less so. To quote Mick Gordge on Desmond's first day: "At the end of the day, we just make nice boxes".

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