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Next Level Service

Our Cases are made very much in the English Traditional Style of Case Making. Perhaps best know of which were W.E. Hill and Sons, and more recently the firm of M.A. Gordge. However, don't let the above use of the word 'style' mislead. We use also all the techniques and and materials taught us by the late Mick Gordge to produce Cases that will with care give a lifetime of daily professional use.

We produce five models of Case: Our 'English Model' oblong Violin Cases which Desmond has been making firstly at M.A. Gordge for some nine years, then exactly as Mr Gordge taught him here for the past twenty plus.

Our Shaped Case, very compact and therefore ever-popular with those faced with Air Travel on a regular basis.

Our very luxurious Leather Cases, much loved by Collectors and Soloists alike.

Finally our Double Violin Case, gives one hand free if travelling with two Instruments!

We said "five models" didn't we?... a new model soon to be announced! 

Please note: We not longer make bespoke English Model Viola Case, and that we no longer offer restoration or replacement covers for any other make of case than our own.