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Violin Cases handmade in England

Everything we make here is dedicated to our much missed great friend and teacher, M.A. Gordge.



Examples of our work:


English Model

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Leather Collectors Case

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Gordge Case Restoration

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Collectors Bow Case

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English Model

A Case we make to the recipe of our Tutor Mick Gordge, and a design that hardly needs introduction, used by professional players all over the globe offering a lifetime of protection and peace of mind. All English Model Case come with a three layer inner blanket, and a hand stitched leather shoulder-strap. Suspenson (fitted under the back velvet) is a 'no additional cost option).


Shaped Case

Much loved by those faced with Air Travel, it would hardly be possible to fit a Violin, two bows and a shoulder-rest (provided we leave out the under-neck compartment) into a smaller area. Because of all its compound curves - a very strong little case indeed. Comes complete with a three layer inner blanket, and a hand-stitched leather shoulder strap. Can be fitted with suspension (at no additional cost). Back-pack also available on this case only.


Leather Collectors Case

The Leather 'Collectors Case' is usually covered in either Black or Cognac Leather (although other colours are available), and features the traditional 'weather-strip' to the lid. Also two of our hand made polished brass locks, rather larger than those fitted to other models.

This case comes complete with a lose fitting canvas cover, three layer inner blanket, and also an instrument shaped 'draw-string' silk coverall (all edges silk bound). Additionally this model can be lined in 'Alcantra Suede' upon request.


Double Violin

The Double Case is base entirely upon the 'English Model'. The same length, and only 56mm wider that the English Model it is ideal for the Maker or Dealers alike. It is available either 'with' or 'without' the interior corner compartments which are in truth quite useless apart for key storage, but none-the-less 'Traditional'.

This case comes complete with inner blanket, leather shoulder strap and full size music pocket.


Collectors Bow Case

We've long wanted to make a Bow Case suitable for Collectors and Bow Makers. Bows are now both collectable and often of great value. We decided that we make a 10x bow case which would be very strong, a pleasure to own and use, and a perfect back-drop for any collection, or indeed to show one's work to advantage.

Our Bow Case is made of laminated Construction, and assembled with epoxy glue for ultimate strength. The interior is lined in 'Alcantara Suede' used for it's impeccable looks, soft feel and longevity. The Case also carries a leather hand stitched handle, and stout safety latch. The exterior of the case has a fitted weather resistant cover.


Leather Collectors Bow Case.

Available with Black or Cognac Leather, with handmade polished brass lock and hand stitched leather handle. Stores up to ten Bows.


Gordge Case Restoration.

We take in three or four full case restorations per years only. WE DO NOT supply canvas covers or parts as separate items to this service.

Each case is stripped back to a bare wooden shell, any repairs to the shell made (hardly ever needed), the case is then rebuilt to 'as new' condition and returned to its owner.

We occasionally have a fully restored Gordge Case for sale - please enquire.


Colour Options

Exterior Canvas Colour Options are 'Brown/Sand' 'Olive' Black' 'Mid Blue'.

Our standard velvet colours are 'Moss Green' 'Burgundy' 'Royal blue'. There are about 60x other colours available at additional cost for special order cases. All velvet's are of furnishing quality and 100% cotton so fully colour-fast whatever the climatic conditions.

We are able upon request to send out velvet colour-swatch cards at a cost of £12.00gbp, if a case is subsiquently ordered following this, the cost will be deducted from your invoice.


Ordering & Delivery

Please contact us by phone or e-mail regarding your interest. Each case is made to customer order only, and we do not require a deposit, but send our invoice as the case becomes ready for dispatch (usually about four weeks from date of order).

Payment can be made by by Bank Transfer, or (much less in charges by far) www.Transferwise.com who also allow payment via card.


Thank you for your kind interest in our work.

Desmond & Rachel.

Do come Visit (but by appointment only please)

Mon- Fri 10.00am - 4.00pm
Telephone: (we hardly ever bite) +44 (0)1908 696415
e-mail : sales@tatimms.com



T.A. Timms & Son is a small family business owned by Desmond & Rachel Timms, and named after Desmond's Father who largely stumped up the cash with which to start the business in 1997.

Desmond's background was that of a failed Cellist, who somehow in the mid 70's managed to acquire and ready-made family and mortgage which needed supporting financially. In a unsuccessful attempt to earn the required bunce to enable him to do so, he started work with a firm of London Violin Dealers and Restorers at the vast Salary of £3,500.00 P/A.

During his years in London, Desmond came into contact with M.A. Gordge from whom then as a Director of the firm he bought Cases for the business. Desmond & Mick over some years became friends, and realising that Desmond had become very unhappy working in London, Mick suggested that Desmond take up a position at M.A. Gordge after a suitable period of time had elapsed so that it wouldn't be obvious to Desmond's old firm that he'd been in effect 'head-hunted' as Gordge didn't want to lose the Case sales in London. Hence a plan was hatched.

Mick Taught Desmond everything he today knows about Case Making, and we'll be forever in his debt. During the nine years at Gordge Desmond's first marriage had ended, and his life took a new course as he met and Married Rachel. Being quite penniless, Desmond decided to start his own business Making Cases, with Rachel undertaking any work that involved the use of a sewing needle. Needing revenue in order to live, the couple financed this by Desmond working for the first two years by day for a Software Company, and long into the night in a leaky shed in his back garden.

From a very shaky start all those years ago, T.A Timms & Son has thankfully blossomed into a successful business but now run from a rather more palatial 'Global Hub' possible only by the patronage of Violinists and Violin Collectors around the World, many of whom have become close friends over the ensuing years.

"Business should be fun (and ours certainly is), but it isn't a joke" we take our work very seriously, but ourselves..... less so. We just make Cases, and our heads will still fit though most doorways. We're proud to offer an old fashioned high level of polite and friendly personal customer service.


+44 (0)1908 696415

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